Yeongju Sunbichon [Chuno] We go to the shooting place.

The Sunbech Village with its ‘Sosu Seowon’

It is famous for the old “Chuno” filming site. Since the place is a lord

There was a memory that was really new. When you take the kids,

It is good to watch together. I do not know at present, but some residents in the past.

Sosu Seowon is a Seowon and Daebi Village is a place where family houses are located.

When you come out of a minority vow

There is a large park. It is good for kids to play here.

I do not know if you can lay your mat,

If it is a picnic, it is a good place for a picnic.

Underneath was a place like a pond.

Somehow the carp seemed to run around

There was no fish. Have a good look at the children

I tried to make it. . I turned around and turned to Daebichon.

When you cross the bridge, you go straight to Sunbichon.

There is a Jangseung

They are afraid that Jang Seung is like a goblin.

Our kids are the most frightened of goblins,

It is called ‘Jangseung’ rather than ‘

I informed my son, “Changseung?” I was relieved that I was not a goblin and headed to Sunbichon.

There is a donkey at the entrance.

The kids do not like donkeys at first.

My son is amazed, but my daughter can not get close.

Originally, her daughter is very blue, but her personality seems to change as a new year passes.

It will be changed next year. .

The rice straw was twisted. It is more like making various goods.

There are a lot of houses when I go a little more. If you look at each one

The old house looked like this and it was good to tell the kids.

My dad grows cattle.

I am very pleased. It was not a living cattle.

The second daughter “Dad ~ moo ~”


That way,

“Let’s go home now”

On the way out

“Buy a daddy thirsty drink”

It is.

I went shopping for drinks and bought a balloon for shopping.

My dad ‘s pocket money is not long. . My son has a baby balloon.

It was a good day because I bought my children and played and played delicious and delicious food.

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